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        Bneid Al-Qar

        Block 2 street 77

Here’s what really sets us apart from the lot: we’ve developed and installed the latest in gastronomical technology in order to ensure that there is never any added oil in our food. Nothing is fried!


       Amro ebin el-aas street    

Alardeya (delivery branch)

  Block 4 street 602

Without it, you’d have the bites without the yumm. You’d have the food without the good. Freshly sourced ingredients form the basis of any healthy nutrition. Ask anyone who knows: processed foods could do more harm than good, not only to the flavors, but also to your health. 
That’s why we’ve not only worked hard on our recipes, but also on creating a sustainable supply chain that will guarantee the freshness we place on your plate. We’ve looked everywhere to find the right butchers, farmers and suppliers who will support and comply with our strict quality controls.

Say NO to Oil!

Welcome to Mashawi Wrap & Roll


Tasty, healthy, speedy: those are our mottos. But first and foremost, we are Middle Eastern cuisine at its finest. We are grills and thrills at their quickest. And we are lean and clean at their juiciest.

We’d like to introduce you to a world where quality is not just a standard – it’s the rule.

Step in and discover a whole new way to enjoy delectable Lebanese wraps, rolls, grills and more!


For the little ones

we deliver :25753000

When speaking of sustainability, it’s no wonder our concerns involve securing the future of our industry as well as our planet. This future belongs to our children. It’s our responsibility to keep them well and healthy.

Which is why we’re just as picky as they are when preparing their meals.  

We’ve cooked up just the right blend of tasty and healthy, using classic options we know they love, with a Mashawi twist we know they’ll keep wanting.

Even here, nothing is fried. Everything is fresh.