A new way, you say?

Mashawi are classic Arab food staples that consist of barbecued meat and poultry such as kebab and shish taouk. Mashawi are usually eaten with Pita bread although french fries, rice and salad are also common accompaniments. Mashawi can be eaten both as fast food in the streets or as the main course aſter or during the maza (appetizers) at home or at the restaurant.


Our concept was born out of a need to provide a world-class quick service Lebanese restaurant, without compromising on taste, quality and healthiness.
It was also born out of a desire to modernize recipes, introducing a fusion of traditional recipes with international accessibility. We wanted to shake up the way we look at tradition by offering unexpected twists on toppings, food combinations, and cooking methods.

Our Mission

To remain distinct in our specialty offerings; promising value, quality and originality that is easily exported in order to support our global expansion plans, while remaining true to our local flair.